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Staff Picks

This section is intended to highlight books that various staff members have read and enjoyed. As everyone has different tastes, the books reviewed here will reflect that diversity. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


by Mira Grant


The first book of the Newsflesh trilogy this story takes place 25 years after the zombie uprising. Mankind has survived, but so have the zombies. In this future, manmade viruses have cured cancer and the common cold, unfortunately, the virus has also made everyone a potential zombie. The story follows a group of bloggers: George Mason is a news reporter, Shaun Mason is an action reporter (he likes to poke zombies), Buffy is a fictiion writer. Together they are chosen to follow and report on a Senators presidential campaign.

From here, the story begins. It is a very well paced action, political intrigue, zombie story with more than one unexpected twist. The characters are well written with none being stereotypical. The mention of blood tests gets a little tedious over time, but it doesn't take away from the story or the pace of the tale. While this is characterized as a Zombie story, the zombies are not the whole story. What I mean is the book is not just a zombies have taken over and we have to run for our lives. There is more to it and it is a very good read.

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