World War I

World War I

A list of the men inducted into the military service under the Selective Service Law,
by the Local Board for Broome County, 1917-1918.
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World War I - Korean Conflict

This index includes the names of local men and women who served in wars from WWI to the Korean Conflict. The list, supplied by a local American Legion, includes the dates and pages of articles that appeared in various local papers. The veterans are listed by their last name. Please click on one of the groupings to find a name.
Naval Reserves
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Military Funeral

World War II, Korea and Vietnam deaths

Military personnel killed during World War II, the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War are listed here, along with dates and pages of newspaper articles.

Vietnam to the present

Included in this list are military personnel who served in the Vietnam War to the Iraq Conflict. Click here to view the list.
3rd Battalion 392nd Regiment
All Wars Memorial

All Wars Memorial

This list includes Broome County residents who have died in time of military conflict and war.
Please click here for the list of military personnel engraved on the All-Wars Memorial
at the Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena.

Photos courtesy of the Broome County Historical Society.