St. George the Dragonslayer


Once upon a time there was a statue of St. George the Dragonslayer who lived a very quiet life at the
Broome County Public Library on Exchange St. in Binghamton, New York.
Nobody bothered him, but no one loved him; he just gathered dust at the entrance to the Childrens Room.
Oh, there were the occasional forays into excitement. Like the time a group of kids knocked him over and gave him a nose job.
No amount of glue could keep his face together, so George learned to live with his differences.

Then one day a miracle happened. George was moved two blocks away (in a mini-van, of all the indignities!) to the new
Broome County Public Library, where he made a home in the Local History & Genealogy Center.
George's life became a little more colorful, a little sharper focused. But somehow something was missing.
Hmmm, the staff wondered.
What would make George's life even better? Suddenly like a vision it occurred to them.
George's inner diva needed to come out!

Click on the tapestry link below to see George's transformation.