Vital Records

The microfiche is available:

  • Available when the Local History & Genealogy Dept. is open.

Guidelines for the use of the New York State Vital Records Index: 

  1. Fiche may only be requested by citing the desired fiche number, which patrons may determine by consulting Hartwig's Finding Guide to the NY State Vital Records Indexes
  2. A Broome County Public Library card, a driver's license, or another acceptable photo ID is required, and will be held by the staff while fiche is in use. 
  3. Patrons may request 5 (five) at one time, with no daily limit. 
  4. Patrons must sign in on a log sheet. At the conclusion of fiche usage, patrons are asked to note the number of fiche used on the log sheet. 
  5. Fiche may only be used in the Local History & Genealogy Center. 
  6. Photocopying is strictly prohibited
  7. Staff reserves the right to limit time on fiche readers to one hour (based upon demand.) 
  8. No reservations will be taken for fiche readers. 
  9. Fiche readers will be shut off and fiche re-filed 10 minutes before closing. 
  10. Fiche research requests by telephone cannot be accommodated. 

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