Research Materials

Area census records, United States (1790-1930) and New York State (1825-1925), are available on microfilm for Broome County, some of the surrounding counties, and northern Pennsylvania. Census records can also be accessed through on the Library's computers.

Four computers provide access to the internet for researchers. The Broome County Public Library subscribes to Ancestry Library Edition. In order to use the internet you must have a library card, available to qualified patrons, at the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the library. Out-of-town researchers may sign-up to use a guest card.  

More than 4,000 archival items, from the mid-1700s to the present, have been collected and are available for use in research. These items include business ledgers, diaries, personal letters, war memorabilia, orphanage records, funeral records, weather records, and more. Please note: The Local History & Genealogy Center does not have the records for the St. Mary's Orphanage. The records are located in the archives of the Diocese of Syracuse. 

Original maps dating from the late 1700s to the present, show the vast changes in the area's land and population. 

The index, also knows as the Woodward File, contains over 225,000 cards with abstracted information from local records dating from 1790 to approximately 1895. Some of the information found on the cards includes census records, cemetery records, church records, newspaper accounts, daybooks and account books. 

Obituaries taken from the local papers are on file, dating from about 1960 to 1975, and from 1981 to the present. Obituaries before those dates can usually be found on the microfilm of the local papers. The obituaries can not be downloaded or sent via email or fax. 

Over 75,000 images from around Broome County have been indexed and can be copied for use by researchers. Photographs, slides, glass-plate negatives, stereo views, and film, dating from the 1850s to the present, may be used to document the past. If you are looking for a specific picture or would like to know what is available, please e-mail, telephone or write us.
Please note: All pictures must be purchased from the Broome County Historical Society, not the Broome County Public Library. 

The Center has over 100,000 clippings on topics of local interest. The files cover a wide range of topics including immigration, business histories, local personalities, women's history, cemeteries, religious histories, local organizations, crime, local participation in wars from the American Revolution to the Iraq War, muncipalities and family histories.