Murder in the Stacks: Can you solve the mystery?

Sherry is just starting to really focus on her work again after Michelle and Jackie leave her office, so she’s a bit distracted. But even she is startled by the sudden noise a few minutes later. She looks around, confused, that was really loud. She’d better go investigate. This can’t be good. She hurries out of her office and heads for the door that leads out of Administration.

She sees Jackie and Kathleen standing at the top of stairs and heads in that direction. “What happened?” “Is anyone hurt?” She notices there is an empty book cart that is dangerously near the top of the steps and pushes it back out of the way.

White-faced, Jackie turns to her with shocked eyes and points. Kathleen is still staring over the railing at the bottom of the stairs. (to be continued ... click here)

Introduction and rules (read first)

Trivia question: Name the suspects in the original game of Clue.

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