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Expressions of Faith : Exploring the Religious Structures of Broome County by Roger Luther
Churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and halls – there are nearly 300 religious structures in New York’s Broome County. This collection is a photographic tour through many of these houses of worship, and it’s the result of a five-year project of the Broome County Historical Society to document every religious structure in the county.
Hardbound, photos., index, 133 pgs., 2014. $34.95. With sales tax, $37.75. 

On the Seamy Side of the Street : Colorful Characters from Broome County's History by Gerald R. Smith and George Basler
If you thought Broome County was quiet and staid, it's time to change your mind. This new book by the Broome County Historian and a retired local journalist pulls back the curtain on murderers, corrupt politicians, illicit affairs, famous madams, and more. 
Softbound, b&W photos., illus., index, 146 pgs., 2013. Price: $19.95. With sales tax: $21.54. 

Notables of Binghamton and Broome County by Marjory Barnum Hinman
In her 11th publication, Marjory takes a look at the hundreds of individuals who not only helped shape this region, but influenced our county and our state.
Softbound, b&w photos., illus., index, 88 pgs., 2013. Price: $9.95. With sales tax: $10.79. 

Past & Present: Stereographic Scenes In and Around Broome County by Charles J. Browne
Broome County's history is brought to vivid life through this collection of stereographs, photographs and maps. Images from the nineteenth century are compared with the same scenes in the present century. Also includes many additional illustrations and an extensive text. The author is the Deputy Broome County Historian.
Softbound, illus., 240 pgs., 2005. Price: $24.95. With sales tax: $26.95.

Partners All: A History of Broome County, New York by Gerald R. Smith
Celebrate Broome County's bicentennial with the first full history of the area since 1924. Hardcover, photo., 415 pgs., 2006. Underwritten by Visions Federal Credit Union.
Price: $39.95. With sales tax: $43.14.

Skylights and Sunbeams: The Pioneer Photographers of Broome County, New York by William L. Camp
A must-have book for fans of photography. This book features historical biographies of many of Broome County's photographers, as well as a glimpse into 19th century life in the community.
Softbound, illus., 218 pgs., 2004. Price: $19.95. With sales tax: $21.55.

A History of the Binghamton Slovaks - Over a period of forty years 1879-1919. Compiled by Imrich Mazar and Edited by Wilhelmina Mazar Satina
The history of Slovaks in the Greater Binghamton area, from 1879-1919. This book is a translation from the original Slovak.
Softbound, photo., 324 pgs., 2003. Price: $34.95. With sales tax: $37.75.

Robert Harpur's New York by Anne T. Herbert
An in-depth look at Robert Harpur, educator and land developer, who founded the area now known as Harpursville.
Softbound, illus., photo., 177 pgs., 2003. Price: $19.95. With sales tax: $21.55.

Naming The Hills and Hollows Of Broome County by Carol LeVan Thomas
Have you ever wondered where the names Hale Eddy and Mount Hunger came from? Find out the history behind these two names and many others. This book is a great resource for trivia buffs.
Softbound, illus., maps, index, 125 pgs., 1999. Published by the author. Price: $12.00. With sales tax: $12.96.

Bingham's Land-Whitney's Town by Marjory B. Hinman
The development of Binghamton, NY during its first half century as seen in the manuscripts of William Bingham and Joshua Whitney, 1974-1845.
Softbound, illus., maps, index, 287 pgs., 1996. Price: $18.00. With sales tax: $19.44.

This From George: The Civil War Letters of Sergeant George Magusta Englis 1861-1865 Company K, 89th New York Regiment of Volunteer Infantry known as the Dickinson Guard
Annotated by Eileen Mae Knapp Patch

The letters are a brief history of service in the 89th New York Regiment from 1861 until 1865 as seen through the eyes of a Corbettsville farm boy.
Softbound, illus., maps, genealogies, index, 288 pgs., 2001. Price: $25.00. With sales tax: $27.00.

The American Hearth: Colonial and Post-colonial Cooking Tools by Richard Barons & Devere Card
A unique publication describing the development and creation of cooking utensils from the 1600's to the early 1800's.
Softbound, illus., 96 pgs, 1976. Price: $12.00. With sales tax: $12.96.

The Valley of Opportunity: A Pictorial History of the Greater Binghamton Area by Gerald R. Smith
The Broome County Historian explains the history and heritage of the region surrounding the confluence of the Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers. This book covers the prehistory of the area to 1988.
Hardcover, illus., maps, index, 223 pgs., 1988. Price: $40.00. With sales tax: $43.20.

Daniel Dickinson: Defender of the Constitution by Marjory B. Hinman
The life of the area's most prominent politician, statesman and United States Senator.
Hardbound, illus., 226 pgs., 1987. Published by the author. Price: $8.00. With sales tax: $8.64.

The Annals of Binghamton of 1840 by J.B. Wilkinson
The first published history of this area. This fourth printing contains an index.
Softbound, introduction, map, 210 pgs., 1992. Price: $10.00. With sales tax: $10.80.

The Journals of Seth Williston, 1796-1800
The diaries of a traveling clergyman through the central New York area during the late 18th century, creates an important account of the early frontier in the Southern Tier. Introductory essay by former Broome County Historian Lawrence Bothwell. Also includes an excellent index for researchers.
Softbound, illus., map, index, 224 pgs., 1992. Price: $10.00. With sales tax: $10.80.

The Letters and Diaries of William MacClure: Surveyor and Pioneer, 1725-1826
Edited by Marjory B. Hinman and Maurice R. Hitt Jr.

The story of one of the earliest settlers in this region, using his own journals and letters.
Softbound, maps, genealogy, 72 pgs., Price: $8.00. With sales tax: $8.64.

Includes The Annals of Binghamton, The Journals of Seth Williston, and The Letters and Diaries of William MacClure.
All three for $25.00.With sales tax: $27.00. 

Ogden's Observations: Sketches from Life in Binghamton and Broome County
by William H. Ogden, Artist and Poet

William H. Ogden was a local cigar manufacturer whose first love, art, led to this scrapbook. Drawn in 1944 to become a publication, it was never completed. Many of the vignettes were drawn from Mr. Ogden's childhood. Introduction by Broome County Historian, Gerald R. Smith.
Softbound, illus., notes, 33 pgs., 2002. Price: $12.00. With sales tax: $12.96.

A History of Ross Park by Walter Irving
The former City of Binghamton Historian details the history of the area's first public park and one of the seven oldest zoos in the country.
Softbound, illus. appraisals, 25 pgs., 1985. Price: $4.00. With sales tax: $4.32.

The Noyes Photographs: Personal Views of a Familiar World, 1890-1920
Edited by Timothy Weidner

Photographs taken by the owner of the Noyes Comb Company of Binghamton, show the changing patterns of social, recreational and industrial life at the turn of the century.
Softbound, illus., map, 80 pgs., 1992. Price: $7.50. With sales tax: $8.10.